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Q&A - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Is NDIS continuing to operate through strict government social distancing measures?

Yes, all participants can utilise their plans as per normal.


Is the NDIS allowing greater flexibility of moving participant plan funds to areas of essential need?

Yes, the NDIS has freed plans to include;

  • Allowing Core budgets to access Support Coordination
    With many people struggling to access their disability supports, Support Coordination has become an essential service. A new line item for Support Coordination has been added to Core. This will allow participants without Support Coordination funding (or who have used all of theirs up) to access the service through their Core budget.
  • Plans to be extended by 12 months
    The NDIA is saying that on the day a plan is due to expire, it will be automatically be extended by 365 days (replacing the previous 28 day rule). Participants have an option to extend to 24 months if they require urgent access to funds to support critical needs.
  • Cancellation policy
    The new cancellation policy extends the notice period for a cancellation from two to ten days and allows cancellations to be charged at 100 per cent of the support price.  
  • 10 per cent price loading
    A new Price Guide incorporating the new 10 per cent COVID-19 loading is now applied for providers which will be automatically indexed in participant plans.

Why is Onemda open and not closed like schools?

Along with the disability sector, Onemda is classified as an essential service. We have been encouraged to maintain continuity of supports for vulnerable Australians in line with government social distancing measures and as practically as possible. 


What health and safety measures is Onemda putting in place?

Onemda takes the health and safety of all participants, staff and visitors seriously and has put in place significant health and isolation protocols. This includes no external visitation to Onemda campuses, strict campus and program isolation measures, 2 hourly hygiene cleaning program across all facilities and vehicles, staff participation in safe hygiene practice training, continuing to source a range of PPE for staff and stringent social distancing measures.


Will I be charged session fees if I am not attending for a significant period of time?

Given the unprecedented situation, Onemda will not charge session fees for participants who have notified Onemda they are not intending to attend for periods over 1 week due to the impact of coronavirus. This will remain in place until you resume normal services.  Onemda will also review charging of session fees for any future services delivered remotely during modified service operations.


Will Onemda be closing any more services?

Currently Onemda is operating modified group services. Unfortunately our Xtend services and D2D service have been suspended. Onemda has no other plans to suspend services unless otherwise instructed by the appropriate government authority.


Will I be re-quoted for modified services?

Yes you will, and that an updated interim schedule of supports will be developed and seek your approval before commencing modified services


Onemda's Service Obligations During COVID-19