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About Us

Purpose, Mission & Values

Our purpose imageOur  Purpose

Onemda is a centre for learning and therapeutic development for people with a disability. We are committed to delivering high quality services to participants, in line with its mission, and to meeting all legislative requirements and service standards. Our purpose is to provide a centre for learning and therapeutic development for people with an intellectual disability.


Our Mission

Enrich the lives of people with disability through the design and delivery of progressive, responsible and collaborative services. 

High quality services will be achieved by ensuring effective and ethical governance and financial management, fostering of Onemda's unique culture, developing services and supports responsive to the individual which maximises their personal development, and recruiting and developing staff with respectful values, attitudes and appropriate skills.


Our Values 

The unique contributions, strengths and abilities of the Onemda community are fostered through our values and culture.

Onemda’s culture is preserved and nurtured through leadership, induction and staff development which fosters a welcoming, caring and supportive environment for participants and families. Onemda values relationships built on a culture of mutual respect.