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Onemda LEAP

Onemda LEAP imageSupporting potential for growth…

Onemda LEAP works intensively with the person, their family and their community to identify and develop skills and confidence to pursue life goals and career options. Onemda LEAP takes a unique approach by empowering its students to have a say in what they learn.

Onemda LEAP focuses on developing pre-vocational skills for further independence, such as hospitality, cookery and budgeting. LEAP has a range of recreational and creative arts activities to complement the curriculum.

Onemda LEAP also offers a range of accredited and pre accredited courses in areas such as: Work Education, Literacy and Numeracy and Personal Development.

LEAP actively connects young adults with the community through volunteer opportunities, work placements and the opportunity to be vocal and valued members of the community.


Onemda is committed to the delivery of high quality care and safety of all vulnerable people we support and exercise zero tolerance to any form of abuse, neglect, discrimination and exploitation.