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Living, Learning & Social Skills

Developing potential for independence through education…

Our Living, Learning and Social Skills programs support participants to develop their everyday life skills for greater independence, connection and control.

Catering to participants with medium support needs, we provide a range of educational, recreational and skill development programs to facilitate life long learning. Our programs are tailored to meet the participants individual goals and interests and provide an important balance of practical support and enjoyment.

We also provide access to community activities and recreation programs that foster a sense of team work, belonging and, of course, fun! Our Onemda campuses provide a social environment that encourages the recognition and use of social customs, group communication and friendships.

You can read more about this program in our Living, Learning & Social Skills brochure.

Our Programs 

Further your learning and independence while enjoying fun, friendship and support. The Living, Learning & Social Skills program runs from 9am - 3pm daily and includes a variety of on-site and in-community activities. Extended hours may be available - please enquire about the campus which interests you. Here are just some of the activities you'll enjoy in this program:


  • Health & wellbeing
  • Gym, dance & sports
  • Physio & exercise
  • Yoga & meditatiion
  • Personal care & emotional wellbeing


  • Shopping & cooking
  • Independence skills
  • Household budgeting & money management


  • Literacy & numeracy
  • Digital media & technology
  • People, culture & environment
  • Creative thinking
  • Current affairs
  • Horticulture
  • Communication building


  • Independent travel
  • Safety in the commmunity
  • Recreational activities & excursions


  • Painting & photography
  • Craft & woodwork
  • performing arts - music, band & theatre sports
  • Sensory activities


The Living, Learning & Social Skills program is available at Doncaster EastGlenroy & The Basin Campuses

View our video campaign 'Inclusion begins with I' here 



Welcome to our Living, Learning and Social Skills Programs 


Onemda is committed to the delivery of high quality care and safety of all vulnerable people we support and exercise zero tolerance to any form of abuse, neglect, discrimination and exploitation.