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High Care & Wellbeing

Our High Care and Wellbeing programs support participants to maintain their health and wellbeing through positive interactions and experiences while providing tailored care and support. This service caters to participants requiring significant and individualised support with all aspects of daily life. Our dedicated team work closely with participants, families and carers to provide familiarity, consistency in care, understanding of communication needs, and any other personal requirements. Our staff are trained by health practitioners to meet each participants specific medical needs.

Onemda programs are tailored to individual needs and capabilities and offer opportunities for participation in a range of therapeutic activities and experiences.


Our Programs 


  • Our multi-sensory program is designed for all levels of participation, and creates opportunities for self-expression and inclusion while integrating auditory, sensory and visual stimulation.  

Visual Art

  • Tapping into participants’ skills of observation and creativity.

Community Immersion 

  • Fostering a sense of exploration and belonging amongst the broader community, we offer a variety of immersive programs, including our nature walk program, community library and visits to Melbourne sites.

Sensory Exploration

  • Our Movement Beyond Limits program supports the process of creation and discovery through creative exercises for tactile, auditory and visual stimulation. The program is facilitated by a therapist and supported by staff input.

Arm Chair Travel 

  • Participants can travel around the world with the use of touch screen technology for visual aid, music and other appropriate stimuli.

Exercise & Physio 

  • Our skilled staff support individual physiotherapy regimes, and seek to maximise participant comfort through posture management.

Therapy Service 

  • We have an on-site warm water therapy pool and gymnasium for the convenient delivery of specialised Therapy services, including Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy.

Our daily programs operate from 9am to 3pm with an extended hours option available.

Our High Care & Wellbeing service is available at Doncaster East Campus, with a new Campus opening soon.




Welcome to our High Care and Wellbeing programs

Onemda is committed to the delivery of high quality care and safety of all vulnerable people we support and exercise zero tolerance to any form of abuse, neglect, discrimination and exploitation.