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Pathways to Independence & Employment

Our Pathways to Independence and Employment programs empower participants to pursue their life goals and career options in a vibrant and supportive environment. We provide a range of accredited and pre-accredited programs for readiness and transition to employment that encourage greater independence, control and fulfilment. Our skilled and enthusiastic staff work together with participants and their support network to tailor a plan that best supports the participants journey – whether that is life long learning or employability. 

By building partnerships within the local community we provide avenues for volunteering and work placements that deliver a sense of contribution, achievement and belonging. We also offer social and recreational programs among the community that further foster a sense of team work, belonging and, of course, fun! Our Onemda campuses provide a social setting that also encourages social customs, group communication and friendships.


Our Programs

Work Skill Programs: We offer a range of accredited and pre-accredited courses that actively connect participants with the community through volunteer opportunities and work placements, including:

  • STEPS to Employment: A comprehensive pre-vocation course covering the 8 essential skills required to gain and maintain employment.
  • Certificate 1 in Transition Education
  • Certificate 1 in Work Education
  • Hospitality, commercial cookery & coffee trailer
  • Volunteer opportunities

Learning Programs: A suite of lifelong learning and educational programs that are constantly refreshed to remain engaging and relevant, including:

  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Digital media and technology. 

Independence and Wellbeing Programs: A range of programs designed to build independence, confidence and capability, including:

  • Personal development
  • Household management
  • Budgeting and money skills
  • Independent travel
  • Shopping, cooking for independence
  • Personal care and emotional wellbeing

Social and Recreation Programs: Participants engage in a number of special interest programs to build their interpersonal skills and ensure learning is also social and fun! These include:

  • Creative arts including art, music, band and preforming arts
  • Fitness, yoga, cricket, golf and swimming
  • Recreation activities eg. bowling and pool

Our daily programs operate from 9am to 3pm with an extended hours option available

Available at our Doncaster East Pathways, Templestowe Lower, Brunswick and Ringwood Campuses.

View our video campaign 'Inclusion begins with I' here 



Welcome to our Pathways to Independence & Employment programs 


Onemda is committed to the delivery of high quality care and safety of all vulnerable people we support and exercise zero tolerance to any form of abuse, neglect, discrimination and exploitation.