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Infection Control

Our Infection Control Protocols

At Onemda, the safety and wellbeing of our participants, their families and support networks, and our own staff, is our number one priority. That’s why we have employed stringent safety and hygiene practices and protocols to protect our community from the risks of infection. 


Our hygiene and infection control protocols now include:

Helping all participants and staff maintain optimal safety and hygiene by:

  • Assisting with hand washing and hand sanitisation
  • Encouraging safe coughing and sneezing practices
  • Encouraging social distancing
  • Advice to remain home if unwell


Staff practices and protocols:

  • Masks recommended in all close-contact direct participant activities
  • Up to date vaccinations are encouraged
  • Staff to remain home if unwell 


Program delivery:

  • Regular surface disinfection
  • Optimal ventilation for program spaces
  • Strict requirements for visitors and contractors
  • Running outdoor programs where possible


Visitor & Contractor practice and protocols:

  • Visitors should have an appointment
  • All visitors to Onemda sites must sign in
  • Encouraged to wear masks if in contact with participants 


If you would like further information about Onemda or our hygiene practices, please contact us.


Onemda is committed to the delivery of high quality care and safety of all vulnerable people we support and exercise zero tolerance to any form of abuse, neglect, discrimination and exploitation.